May 26, 2018: Part 1

Well, we’ve done it again! We’ve reached the end of another work week, and are looking ahead to the weekend! There’s much to look forward to at the market, and around town! The downtown market event will fill you in on the vendors attending this week’s market. A great guide, if you’re not sure which farmers are alternating weeks!

This time last year: Week 4 (May 29, 2017). We had bok choi! and swiss chard and strawberries!

I’m pretty sure we’re too early for both of those this week, but a little birdie tells me that there might be some cucurbits from hoop houses (cucumbers or summer squash).

And several vendors will still have plants. If you haven’t planted tomatoes yet, this is the PERFECT time for them to take root and thrive. I always have quite a few “volunteer” plants in my garden, but they’re a couple weeks’ behind the plant starts I got from local farmers in terms of size.

Want to get the healthiest plants for your garden? DEFINITELY shop local. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had blossom end rot from plants purchased at a big box store. Don’t let your garden take on that sadness. Life’s too short for sickly tomato plants.

Native Plants of IL / Woodland Mushroom Farm will have herb (chervil, sorrel, epazote!) and flower plants, but also shiitake mushrooms!!

This weekend, I’d also suggest you check out the array of local meats at the market:

Destiny meats has a variety of pork products, including bacon and brats.

Witzig meats has beef and pork in a large variety of cuts; sides and quarters of beef are also available, if you want to stock up for summer grilling.

Above Normal eggs has chicken and duck eggs. 

Dearing farms will have eggs, goat and lamb meat, and possibly beef.

Huelskoetter pork has lots of pork! Breakfast sausages and brats and pork burgers.




Tomorrow, we’ll have some recipes and ideas for marinades and summer picnics!


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