All About Kale: This weeks seasonal focus

Lacinato Kale and Mint Salad with Spicy Peanut Dressing
aka “dinosaur” kale, pictured at left.  It’s my favorite — it’s almost blue, it’s so dark green, and its flat-ness means it’s easy to chop finely or slice into ribbons, or shred in your food processor until it’s unrecognizable and hide-able. Not that I would do that.

The best thing about kale salads like this is that they’ll keep a few days, as the kale takes longer to break down than lettuces. The dressing on this particular salad is close to a sesame noodle dressing, but a bit more tangy than nutty. This may actually be a good dressing to mix up and have on hand, just in case you get a hankering for the salad.  [more kale recipes from Food52]


Green Falafel Bowl
Make your own falafel patties with fresh, local greens, eggs, garlic, breadcrumbs, and hard cheese. Make ahead, even, then toss in a bowl with your favorite raw or roasted vegetables, rice or grain (and a swish of that gorgeous beet hummus pictured in the recipe!), for a meal you can repeat through the week.  [more kale recipes from 101 Cookbooks]



Potato and Kale Knish
I am so making up a batch or three of these to put in my freezer for winter. Potato and leek, potato and kale, sweet potato, spinach, maybe even some roasted beet and cabbage.
“as excellent as you would expect from carbs, wrapped in more carbs, brushed with egg, baked until flaky outside and steamy inside and filling enough to require the cancellation of all other meals for the remainder of the day.”
That, my friends, is the knish of my dreams. [more kale recipes from Smitten Kitchen]


The Greenest Green Smoothie
Full of kale, but also banana and matcha and almond milk, which somehow magically cancels out all kale bitterness.

This recipe also includes pineapple, almond butter, and a bit of ginger — all of which are a bit too complicated, for me.

When I have kale growing in the garden, I use the smallest, newest leaves for smoothies, as they’re the most tender. [more kale recipes from Bon Appetit]



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